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Python Lessons

These 'lessons' are designed to help you follow me along the python trail.

They make use of an interactive python program - hosted by Trinket.

Trinket is a wonderful resource - it enables you to run the program and edit the coding and play with it on your computer.



I came across this site via the Open University - and I figured if they used it, it would be safe and as they endorsed it why shouldn't I!


Here are my lessons - if you look at them in the order I wrote them you will follow the same path as me - I begin as a total newbie to Python!

Lesson 1 Assignment of Variables If you are not sure what a variable is - see variable in the Glossary section. 21/09/2022
Lesson 2 Error Messages   22/09/2022
Lesson 3 if, else and elif Conditional statements to vary action according to the value of a variable 23/9/2022
Lesson 4 for.. in... Assigning variable values from a list for iteration by 'for... in...' 26/09/2022
Lesson 5 # Comments
Lesson 6 functions Access to a library of functions and how to write one yourself. 27/09/2022
Lesson 7 storing data Using lists
Lesson 8 input() User interaction with your program
Lesson 9 numbers Types of numbers 28/09/2022
Lesson 10 while Simple loop function 30/09/2022
Lesson 11 Exercise Euclid's greatest common divisor algorithm 01/10/2022
Lesson 12 Operators

Operators, operands and operations.

Lots of mathematical actions here!

Did the Arithmetical Operators, the Relational or Comparison Operators, the Assignment Operators and the Bitwise Operators

Lesson 13 Rounding float numbers Using round() and specifying a number of decimal places
Lesson 14 Significant figures  
Lesson 15 maths functions

Click here to see the thinking process behind a program I have written. I take you through step by step.

The program solves GCSE level quadratic equations.

Lesson 16 Operators Did Identity and Logical today - only one to go!
Lesson 17 Turtles

Great fun getting a turtle to draw a cube.

I also did a page on turtle commands.

Lesson 18

I made a page explaining how 'turtles' came about.

Then I made a program to draw an equilaterally sided figure of the choice of the user.

Lesson 19

Incorporated code that directed the user to choose only an integer in a specific range.

Lesson 20

A Halloween Greeting - a witch turtle drawing pentacles on a spooky castle background.

While doing this I set up a page on colour.

Lesson 21

Great fun writing a program that will draw any number of points on a star.

There are three methods to make it work...

Odd number of points:

Even points, that halve to an even number (e.g. 8):

Even points that halve to an odd number (e.g. 14):

I also learnt how to change the position of the cursor with an address command rather than steering it there.

Lesson 22

As a biproduct of the star program I have written a program that draws a 'flower' with petalsthat are 'kite shaped'.

The user chooses the number of 'petals'.

I added to the colour page - explaining how figures can be filled with colour.

I also started a page on circles.

Lesson 23

A pumpkin Halloween Greeting.

Lesson 24

Today I added to the circles page - making it easier to understand.

I also found out how to make an 'oval shape' - an ellipse.

I also discovered how to define a method - rather like creating a subroutine in Basic - orientate the turtle in one simple command, and make the turtle return home - turtle.home().

Lesson 25  

Today I thought of Remembrance Day - and did a tribute to the fallen...

This includes a method for drawing the poppy - therefore calling on that would be possible with alternate sizes and orientation. Something for tomorrow maybe...

Lesson 26

This is a tribute to my Aunt - I received the sad news that she would soon 'pass' today...

Lesson 27 18/12/2022
Lesson 28 19/12/2022
Lesson 29 20/12/2022