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SWF files

Back in 2011 I made these 'swfs' and shared them via the TES site.

They are interactive and/or animated - and children seem to have fun using them.

However since Adobe took over Macromedia Flash has been killed off and the products of the software have become almost extinct. iPads and the like will not play them - but you can download them onto a desktop or laptop and play with them if you already have a Flash Player on your system.

I had been very 'chuffed' at the response I had from primary school teachers who had used my applications within lessons, and as it is possible to download and use them I thought I would keep them on the site so that parents could download and use them.

I have sorted the resources into 'type' and 'calendar' themes that will allow you to view the full range of assets I have made - either by theme or type of resource.

The navigation bar along the top of the page allows you to easily skip between types and themes. There is also a means to return to the main Cybercomputing site.

I hope you find this section to my site fun and useful.