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Rainfall Animation

Here is my attempt at rainfall... hope you like it!

The accompanying music is a worldwide hit from the early 1960s. It was written by JOHN CLAUDE GUMMOE and performed by the Cascades. I have written to him to ask permission to use the track... and was very happy that he granted me permission to use the track. You shouldn't use other people's work without getting permission - even if it is a non-profit making venture. I hope you enjoy this music track as much as I do...

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It is easy to convert 'snow' to 'rain'. By the time raindrops are within our view they are like snow falling at terminal velocity - however because the raindrops are more streamlined and of greater mass than snowflakes they fall at a higher terminal velocity. We therefore have to make the speed of the animation increase - increase the number of frames per second in your document set up.

The other thing we need to do is to consider the shape of the rain drop - make it long and thin... and a variable transperency from white to grey colour gradient. You need to play around with it to get the desired effect - but the basic set up is the same as for snow in this tutorial.